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"Uluhe Three Ways" Uluhe Cotton Dress w/ POCKETS!!! (FREE SHIPPING)

"Uluhe Three Ways" Uluhe Cotton Dress w/ POCKETS!!! (FREE SHIPPING)


Drawn by our very own Botanist Miles Thomas of Bishop Museum & DOFAW/PEPP. Pattern created by the talented Josh Serrano of DOFAW/NEPM. Made by conservationists for conservationists. All proceeds goes towards our efforts to protect & preserve Hawai'i.


100% Poplin Cotton button down Dress Made in Hawai'i. Real coconut buttons w/ left & right pockets!


This design represents three species of ferns known as uluhe (alternative spelling is unuhe). All three species (Dicranopteris linearis, Sticherus owyhensis, and Diplopterygium pinnatum) are native to the Hawaiian islands (it should be noted that Diplopterygium pinnatum is most commonly referred to as Uluhe lau nui). Of the three, Dicranopteris linearis is indigenous to Hawai'i (also native through the Pacific and much of the old world tropics). Sticherus owyhensis and Diplopterygium pinnatum are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. These three species are commonly found in wet forests, creating extensive thickets and tangles on ridges and gullies.


- Miles Thomas

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