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Our Story

I believe that everything happens for a reason. On May 1st, 2018, I experienced the profound loss of my mother. Seven days later, I made a significant decision at the C&C tax auction, purchasing a 330-acre parcel of land zoned for preservation instead of a rental property. Despite having no prior knowledge of conservation or environmental science, I was compelled to immerse myself in research and education. I encountered incredible community members, organizations, and experts through this journey. Walking the land and listening to its story, I realized my purpose was to become its steward and ensure its prosperity for our community.

In 2019, Protect & Preserve Hawai’i (PPH) was founded, a dedicated team was assembled, and a comprehensive management plan was developed. Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we utilized the CARES Act, and I withdrew my 401k to fund our volunteer program, which commenced in October 2020.

To date, PPH has achieved remarkable milestones: more than 10,000 native outplantings, 5.8 acres of invasive species cleared, and 5 events attracting 100+ volunteers each month. We've also established a volunteer exchange program to support other conservation projects. We are proud to partner with KMWP, Mālama Maunalua, USFW, DLNR DOFAW, and other esteemed organizations.

I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many inspiring individuals on this journey and find true purpose in my life. It feels as though, guided by my good intentions and perhaps with my mother looking down, things have naturally fallen into place, providing me with something meaningful to hold onto in her absence.

- Tyrone Montayre

President & Founder

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