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Koli'i  3"x4" Waterproof sticker

Koli'i 3"x4" Waterproof sticker


By popular demand we are bringing this design back for a limited time!!!


Trematolobelia singularis is an endangered species of the bellflower family (Campanulaceae) endemic to the Ko'olau mountains of O'ahu. The hawaiian name Koli'i is used for all species of Trematolobelia (which is also an endemic genus). The word endemic means to be native to a very specific location on the Earth (ie Hawai'i) , whereas the term indigenous means native to the place of interest as well as other regions of the world.


Sketch by Botanist/Artist Miles Thomas, Water Color by Artist Nicole Nakata.


As with all our products, 100% of the proceeds go to our efforts to protect & preserve Hawai'i.

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