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Aloha ʻĀina Gift (Carex)

Aloha ʻĀina Gift (Carex)


Carex is a native, endemic sedge found on most of the main Hawaiian islands. It grows 1-2' tall and has long leaf blades that can reach 4' long. This ground cover plant has fibrous roots that are great at preventing erosion. It grows well in full sun or partial shade, is resilient in high winds, and has a long life span. 


Give the gift of aloha to the land that gives us so much!

This species will be planted in Pia Valley, Oʻahu, a 330-acre nature preserve we have the honor and kuleana of stewarding.

Your gift supports our mission to protect and preserve Hawaiʻi's fragile ecosystems.


He aliʻi ka ʻāina, he kauwā ke kanaka. #531
The land is a chief, man is her servant.

Source: Pukui, M. K. (1983). ‘Ōlelo No‘eau Hawaiian Proverbs & Poetical Sayings. Honolulu, Hawaii: Bishop Museum Press.

ʻŌlelo Noʻeau compiled by Johanna Kapōmaikaʻi Stone and Danielle Espiritu

“Living on this planet, we are all stewards of it. The land does not need us, but we need it. Let’s work together to protect & preserve it for our future generations.”

-Tyrone Montayre, Founder

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