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Lehua mamo Women's 100% Cotton Tee (2 week turnaround)

Lehua mamo Women's 100% Cotton Tee (2 week turnaround)


Our very first collab with amazingly talented artists Miles Thomas and Nicole Nakata!

We were so excited when Nicole agreed to grace us with her watercolors to add life and beauty to a already intricate piece by Miles.


Prints along with other natives can be found at :


"Metrosideros macropus is one of 3 distinct species of Metrosideros endemic to O'ahu. It's easily distinguished from other species by the long petioles, broadly ovate leaves, and persistent inflorescence bracts. The flowers are typically yellow, but are occasionally red."


-Miles Thomas


100% of the proceeds goes to protecting & preserving the Lehua mamo and restoring our native ecosystems.


    This is a presale that ends on 2/28. After which shirts will be printed and takes up to 2 weeks

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