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Hesperomannia swezeyi Tri Blend Tee

Hesperomannia swezeyi Tri Blend Tee


Art by Miles Thomas and water color by Nicole Nakata.


Actual printing will begin at the end of this fundraiser on October 31st.


Working with rare plants is a difficult task, especially in Hawaiʻi where a majority of the flora is either threatened or endangered. However, the work we do is necessary to maintain biodiversity and in the long run, ecosystem health. There are many folks who help with the management of rare taxa such as Hesperomannia swezeyi, a rare species that is only found on Oʻahu. My first time working with the Plant Extinction Prevention Program (PEPP) on Oʻahu was a volunteer trip to one of these plants, and it was the first day I met my boss/mentor Susan Ching Harbin, who now works as the District Botanist along with managing rare plants on the island of Oʻahu. She, and her crew, work hard to manage many species with less than 50 wild individuals along with plants that are threatened and on their way to becoming listed as endangered. Itʻs hard to forget walking along a misty cloud forest and seeing the vibrant blossoms amongst a myriad of native ferns and trees. Now, I am thankful to be employed by the PEPP program with a great crew that facilitates rare plant conservation and ecosystem management, along with a sense of ʻohana. Also, a big mahalo goes out to all the people who mālama ʻāina, for conservation in Hawaiʻi is a constant uphill battle.


As a kind reminder, it is really important to not actively seek out endangered species in the wild due to the fragile nature of these plants and their surrounding community of flora and fauna. Trampling the ground around these plants can damage roots, which can cause the plant to go into shock, as well as invite weedy species to choke out individuals. Please tread with care and maintain hiking trips to known trails. Remember, extinction is forever, and we must do whatever we can to preserve the flora and fauna of Hawaiʻi.


Miles K. Thomas


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the PEPP program to further their work & you can donate directly at

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